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Built with Sia#

Data Storage#

StoreWise | S3 compatible#

StoreWise products are Private Enterprise Cloud, Private Cloud and Managed Cloud. It provides solutions for Archival, Backup & Restore, Content Delivery, Disaster & Recovery, Media Storage and Video Surveillance.

Filebase | S3 compatible#

Filebase products are Managed Object Storage and Private Cloud. It provides solutions for Backup and Recovery, Content Delivery, Kubernetes and DevOps.

Bifrost Cloud | S3 compatible#

Bifrost lets you interact with Sia via AmazonS3 API and a credit card – abstracting away the complexities. If you are looking for a cost-effective and simple storage backend, check them out!



Developed by creators of Sia, SiaStream lets you enjoy super-cheap storage for your media files, completely under your control. SiaStream uses next-gen cloud storage technology to provide fast streaming at the lowest costs. It is optimized for Plex, but supports also Kodi and other media apps.

SiaStream allows you to store up to 35 TB of media files, mount as a FUSE drive and stream directly to your Plex or other media software. It supports Linux and MacOS.

Windows is not supported officially since it does not support FUSE, but some users reported having success running it in Windows through with WSL that supports FUSE.

SiaShare | demo available at:

SiaShare is a virtual desktop that allows company employees to share a singular hub of files and folders from which they can collaborate. The UI can be tailored to the company-specific branding. A few companies have already been using the Beta, and the SiaFuse team is working on adding additional features (such as folder downloads and document preview).

SiaSentry | coming soon#

SiaSentry is a simple layer 2 application that utilizes the Sia network in order to store and retrieve security footage. While simple in description, the features of this application will allow companies to store security footage for a much longer time and for much cheaper than current providers.

They have a list of multiple clients, mostly in the oil refinery and bar/restaurant space, who have shown interest in using SiaSentry. In the current economic environment, companies are on the lookout to reduce costs to remain successful. Using the Sia backend, they are proud to offer both cost reduction and process efficiency.


ClearPHONE 620 | $1089#

ClearPHONE 620 is first mobile phone using Sia as its cloud storage. It is the result of a partnership between the ClearCenter and StoreWise.

If you are an owner of a product built with Sia and would like your product information to be updated or added, contact us).

Written by: Danger & Covalent, figurestudios, Last Edit: May 08, 2021