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Skynet Apps (SKapps)#

The collection of known Skynet Apps (Skapps) is quickly growing. Luckily, we don’t have to wait till the ecosystem gives birth to some full-featured Skapp Store. We are introducing you to some of the existing (and actively developed) Skapps here. In case you think your Skapp deserves more visibility and to be added to this list, feel free to get on our discord (link in contributors) and tell us.

SKApps listing other SKApps Collections#


SkyID – One login to rule them all. Forget maintenance of thousands of separate credentials for your internet identity. SkyID can handle it for you and manage super secure keys for each individual app automatically. All you need to worry about is really just the one “main key”. Nearly all Skapps listed here already use it, but it can also be implemented for traditional sites. [source]


SkyFeed – Developed by a team of two, decentralized “Twitter” is just the beginning. Content encryption, personal collections, and global audio queue are currently in development. What does it mean? Most likely audio and movies coming to your favorite social media platform in the second half of 2021. [source]

SkyBrain – Access memories as if the entire humankind had a single brain. Excellent platform for blogging or updates of any kind. [source]

SkyGallery – SkyGallery is a basic media gallery Skapp that aims to provide a decentralized and open-source alternative to imgur. [source]


MARStorage – Own your data. 100% decentralized “Dropbox” and “Google Drive” alternative. [source]

SkySend – Need to upload and share something really big? SkySend encrypts and automatically splits your files into 16MB chunks. But to you and the other side, this will look like it’s just a single file. [source]

BLEENK – BLEENK is decentralized, disposable, client-side encrypted image and text hosting. Links can be encrypted with a password of your choosing, or left without so anyone can view (content will still be encrypted prior to uploading).


Note To Self – Write notes to yourself and read notes from friends [source]

Hacker Paste – Decentralized “Paste.bin” [source]


ArmyClash - Decentralized Game utilizing Skynet for networking. [source]

SkyNect-4 - Decentralized "Connect-4" Game.

SkyChess - Decentralized Chess Game. [source]


SkyLearn – Online Python coding app [source]

WebGames IDE - Tool to build games without leaving the browser. [source]

SkyGameSDK - A plugin for Unity to allow networking & other Skynet functionalities. [source]

Developer: “I want to explore other languages as well as develop sharing of CPU capacities (although this would be quite a challenge). Feel free to contact me on discord (mike76#7812).”

Written by: Danger, Covalent, Figurestudios and Delivator, Last Edit: August 06, 2021