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Sky Guide (previously SkynetWiki) began in January 2021 as a quickly built knowledge base to help people to find everything they want to know about Sia and Skynet. Initially created by Danger and MrFlux using Wordpress, it was quickly joined by others and filled with many helpful resources.

During March and April 2021, Covalent and Delivator worked relentlessly on bringing Sky Guide to a next level - to turn it into truly community managed site, let others easily contribute through GitHub, support translations and most importantly, making automated deploys to the Skynet.

If you want to join us and write about something others will be interested in, or translate existing article, just start working on it and join our Discord.

All of the content is available for free and can be used and re-used as you wish.

Core Team#

  • Covalent
  • Danger
  • Delivator | SkyGallery
  • MrFlux |


  • Fornax | Pixeldrain, SiaWiki
  • hakkane | SiaStats, Decentralizer
  • MLN284
  • Napster
  • Nate | Sia Central, Sia Host Manager
  • redsolver | SkyFeed
  • gumil89 | Spanish Translator
  • figurestudios

Do you have some idea? Nice guide, informative article, anything that you feel is missing here? Get in touch with us on Skynet Guide's Discord.

Last Edit: April 14, 2021