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Building with Skynet#

Developing a Skapp (Skynet App), is probably easier than you think. The possibilities are vast and it's easy to set up, especially depending on what you want to build. It's also free to start with, making it very welcoming for developers.

Building a Web-App#

It may sound hard setting up web-app on Skynet, and it can be; it's going to force you to use completely new systems. But fear not - it's not that much to learn as it's built to be as user-friendly as possible. Here are some resources that will help you out:

Introduction to Skynet SDKs

Skynet Docs

Creating your first web-app on Skynet


SkyDB web-app Example

Building a Game#


Games on Skynet? That sounds hard - how do I even make that work? Luckily, the community member stelballe has built an installable SDK (Software Development Kit) on top of Unity, which makes it easy to use a bunch of online-features on Skynet; sending data with SkyDB or the registry; saving files/data using MySky; or simply using local features such as saving to local storage! You can see a video showcasing the setup here:

On GitHub:

WebGames IDE#

Are you willing to sacrifice online-functionality, or do you just prefer an all-browser experience? Look no further - WebGames IDE is for you!

On Skynet: webgames-ide.hns

On GitHub:

Written by: figurestudios, Last Edit: May 20, 2021