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Resources & Sites#

Social Media#

Discord | Sia Foundation#

New discord server with Sia core tech-oriented channels. best place to come if you are interested in the layer 1 (decentralized storage) or need any assistance with your host, renter, or a wallet.

Discord | Skynet Labs#

Place where the majority of the community is active since it is the original Sia discord server. It's now focused primarily on Skynet, Sia's layer 2 (decentralized internet) and the development of apps working with Skynet.

Reddit | r/siacoin#

While most of the discussions moved to the discord, many users are still coming to reddit for its easy-to-follow feed format.

Twitter | SkynetLabs#

Check out for latest news from the Skynet Labs, the development team that created Sia and Skynet led by David Vorick.

Twitter | Sia__Foundation#

Check out for latest news from Sia Foundation, non-profit organization maintaining and improving the Sia core technology led by Luke Champine, co-founder of company that made Sia.

Official Sia Sites#

Official Site | Skynet#

The official Skynet Labs portal is housed here.

Official Site | Sia#

Official site of Sia. If you want to download it, you can go directly there.

Official blog | Sia Blog#

Official blog full of technical articles and guides. The must-have resource for any developer and decentralized cloud storage enthusiast.

Written by: Danger & Covalent, Figurestudios, Last Edit: April 19, 2022