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Hosting & Renting#

You can find these in our dedicated sections for Hosting and Renting.



Siasync is a utility that will monitor a folder and synchronize its contents to the Sia network. As new files are created or removed it will keep Sia in sync with the local source folder. Siasync also supports more advanced features like only syncing certain file extensions, or excluding certain file extensions, or archive mode which won’t delete files from Sia even if they are deleted locally. Best of all, it works on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.


Repertory allows you to mount Sia blockchain storage solution via FUSE on FreeBSD/FreeNAS/Linux/MacOS or via WinFSP on Windows.

In Development#


A simplified and modern UI to the Sia network build with the us framework.

Written by: Danger & Covalent, Last Edit: May 4, 2021