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Skynet Portals#

As you probably already know, Skynet Portals are the access points to the Skynet. You can request any content from them using the Skylinks and upload as well.

Skynet Portals are special kinds of Sia nodes, ones that have contracts with all hosts on the network and because of that can have access to all Skyfiles on the network. Some do it for free, some can have some business models (like subscriptions, or ads – since it is open source, anyone can run one and implement or set own rules).

If you ask what happens when such a portal decides to block access to some Skylink for any reason (mostly because illegal content was reported to it and it needs to follow the law), you don’t have to worry. Simplified, the portal is just a single participant in the Skynet, same as you. And maybe even operator of that site started as a user who just got his content blocked on portal he used and decided to start own one, initially making it private for himself and friends, but over time switching it to public and turning it into free ratelimited service with full speed available to subscribed users.

In any case, you can do the same. You can go the comfortable way and use public portals same way as you used internet until now where illegal content has been blocked. Or setup your own one and use it without any restrictions. After all, it’s your coins – your service – your rules.

List of Public Portals (Free)#

Free portals are operated and fully funded by the community to support it. Their operators pay the costs of all downloads/uploads to support the network. Some of these portals are very popular and the demand can sometimes make your experience slower. This should continously improve with more portals coming live and further optimizations being done.

Portals with an *asterisk are currently unvailable

List of Subscription-based Portals#

Subscription-based portals offer the best experience possible that can only be matched or exceeded by running your own portal, but of course that's a way more expensive option. Subscribed users can enjoy access to Skynet at much higher speeds for just a few dollars per month with price depending on selected tier which also affects amount of storage available. But you as an user are still in control - the data are not on the portal, but on the decentralized Sia network and you can ask other portal (can be your own) to start pinning them anytime if you're not happy with portal you used before. | Skynet Labs | official portal

How to get my portal listed?#

If you wish for your portal to be listed here, just reach out to us on our official discord.

Written by: Danger, Covalent & Delivator, Last Edit: August 06, 2021