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Useful Tools for Renting#


A tool for Sia renters that allows:

  • Micro-managing and data visualization about the formed contracts.
  • Creating filters of hosts, according to geolocation, Sia version, SiaStats performance score, pricing and/or manual selection.
  • Detection of hosting farms and unsafe hosts, allowing canceling contracts with them and/or filter them out. “Farms” represent multiple hosts sharing geolocation, most probably being controlled by the same operator. Centralization of hosts is problematic, as it implicates that redundant copies of the files are being stored in the same location (which defeats the purpose of the redundancy). It also exposes the renter to malicious hosts performing a sybil attack by denying access to files after controlling a large enough number of hosts.

Ready-to-use binaries for Windows, MacOS and Linux can be downloaded here:

Users of headless servers or preferring command-line interfaces can use Decentralizer-CLI instead, which brings the same features:

Last Edit: April 14, 2021